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07-12-2006 itunes UK If you have not downloaded yet because you are an i-pod user... the track is available now on the i-tunes.co.uk site. It's NOT on the .com site!
06-12-2006 Fat Cowboy on tour... today we were added to Flaunt Video Channel and appeared in the sport and Echo!!.. also Asda Tour going well.. check out my blog on www.myspace.com/fatcowboy
06-12-2006 Thanks to Lite FM in Peterborough for the 10 minute drive time plug!! I look forward to meeting your listeners today!
19-11-2006 Fat Cowboy rocks 4000 people at Bournemouth Xmas light switch-on. Thanks again to 2CR, Bournemouth Council and Breeze
01-11-2006 Fat Cowboy video storms to No5 on Fizz TV Channel '361'
30-10-2006 Fat Cowboy confirms 60 UK Date tour with Asda Superstores. More details coming soon.
28-10-2006 Fat Cowboy supports 'Atomic Kitten's - Natasha Hamilton' at Bournemouth Fireworks - photos coming soon
21-10-2006 Fat Cowboy plays to 15,000 people at Bulins dates
20-10-2006 Massive support growing for Fat Cowboy's campaign www.makelinedancingno1.co.uk
00-00-0000 Fat Cowboy plays for BBC Children in Need in Blackpool Opera House with Liberty-X, Big Brovaz, Chico and Michelle Bass and others. Around 35-40k raised for the charity.


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